Bottom left corner. <3

One Year Nappiversary!!
Praise God. It’s been a tough one. :)) 

reminds me of The Cosby Show.

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i can’t let this blog gooo. :’((


People are always complimenting me, and telling me how beautiful they think I am. But, I always disagree with them in my head, Because I’ve looked in the mirror, and cried, a million times. Every single day. Wishing that I looked like Halle Berry, Megan Good, or even majority of the girls on Tumblr that I see. I know, A lot of you probably think that it’s nothing, and that other people have it worse. But, It’s still hard for me to accept the fact that I’ll never have natural beauty on the outside. I’ll always have these scars to remind me how ugly I really am, without the MAC, Sephora, Covergirl, Maybeline, and L’Oréal. I’ll never be content with insecurities. Never.

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